Archives mensuelles : janvier 2009

Forum 0.6.8 has been released

Here is the last version of the forum application :

0000494: [Administration] Forum ADD/EDIT page is not w3c compliant (administrator) – resolved.
0000493: [General] Review display_forum_list from forum_profil package (administrator) – resolved.
0000492: [General] RSS can show item that have not been approved (administrator) – resolved.
0000491: [General] Review the display_unread procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000490: [General] Review the display_item_to_approve procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000488: [General] Admin should be able to set thread status (administrator) – resolved.
0000489: [General] Review build_spec_status to remove duplicate security check (administrator) – resolved.
0000487: [General] Remove v_forum_id parameter from build_footer procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000486: [Apis] An admin can not approve an item (administrator) – resolved.
0000485: [General] Change security check on build_post_img (administrator) – resolved.
0000483: [General] Change security check on build_post_img (administrator) – resolved.
0000484: [Apis] Admin can not drop an item (administrator) – resolved.
0000482: [General] Change security check on build_post_img (administrator) – resolved.
0000481: [User] Remove the is_forum_moderator function (administrator) – resolved.
0000480: [General] Update the build_language procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000479: [General] Change the add_default_visible_forum procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000478: [General] Change the forum_display.get_last_action code (administrator) – resolved.
0000477: [General] Remove duplicate security check (administrator) – resolved.
0000476: [Lite Version] Remove duplicate security check (administrator) – resolved.
0000475: [Xml] Remove duplicate security check (administrator) – resolved.
0000474: [General] Can_read function return true even if the forum is inactive (administrator) – resolved.
0000473: [General] Replace can_do functions by can_modo_do function (administrator) – resolved.
0000465: [General] Review forum_functions code (administrator) – resolved.
0000472: [General] Welcome back message is not working (administrator) – resolved.
0000471: [General] Update the get_number_of_displayed_items code (administrator) – resolved.
0000470: [General] Review can_upload function (administrator) – resolved.
0000469: [General] Review can_reply function (administrator) – resolved.
0000468: [General] Review can_poll function (administrator) – resolved.
0000467: [General] Review can_start function (administrator) – resolved.
0000466: [General] Review can_read function (administrator) – resolved.
0000447: [General] forum_package code review (administrator) – resolved.
0000457: [Apis] Add forum_api.start_follow_item to replace the forum_package.store_reminder procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000460: [Apis] Add 2 new procedures to manage the follow forum features (administrator) – resolved.
0000459: [General] Rename t_forum_subscriptions to to t_follow_forums (administrator) – resolved.
0000458: [Apis] Add forum_api.stop_follow_item to replace the forum_package.stop_reminder procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000455: [General] Remove the r_read column from the t_reminders table (administrator) – resolved.
0000456: [General] Rename t_reminders to t_follow_items (administrator) – resolved.
0000454: [General] Remove unused function is_new_topic from forum_package (administrator) – resolved.
0000452: [Apis] Add unpin_item to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000451: [Apis] Add pin_item to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000448: [General] Add item_close to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000449: [General] Add item_open to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000463: [Apis] Add vote_update to replace the forum_package.update_poll (administrator) – resolved.
0000464: [Apis] Add forum_api.item_status to replace the forum_package.set_status procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000461: [Apis] Add vote_drop to replace the forum_package.drop_poll (administrator) – resolved.
0000453: [General] Change the forum unread page (administrator) – resolved.
0000450: [General] Security issue on the item_open procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000446: [General] Review how_are_here function (administrator) – resolved.
0000445: [General] Remove some forum_package functions (administrator) – resolved.
0000443: [General] Public user can vote if the forum is public (administrator) – resolved.
0000444: [General] Error on vote with public user (administrator) – resolved.
0000442: [Apis] Add item_move to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000441: [Apis] Remove unused column forum_id from T_FORUM_VOTES_QUEST (administrator) – resolved.
0000439: [Apis] Migrate forum_package.validate_item to forum_api.item_update (administrator) – resolved.
0000438: [General] Remove unused hidden input from the edit page (administrator) – resolved.
0000440: [Apis] Code review of the add vote procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000433: [Apis] Move the drop item to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000435: [Apis] There is 2 index resync when dropping an item (administrator) – resolved.
0000436: [General] Title is update when moving a post (administrator) – resolved.
0000437: [General] Remove the move option from the edit page (administrator) – resolved.
0000424: [Apis] Add the item_add procedure to the apis package (administrator) – resolved.
0000429: [Apis] A vote can be added even if on a reply (administrator) – resolved.
0000428: [Apis] A thread can be closed even if the poster is not the thread owner (administrator) – resolved.
0000427: [Apis] Security issue on item_add (administrator) – resolved.
0000426: [Apis] Reminder part tuning in ITEM_ADD procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000425: [Apis] Remove the status part in item_add (administrator) – resolved.
0000432: [General] Can not close a post as soon as i have post it (administrator) – resolved.
0000431: [Administration] Improve performance for define permissions (administrator) – resolved.
0000430: [General] There is 2 input type v_forum on the add post page (administrator) – resolved.
0000422: [Administration] Improve performance in bulk_action_forum procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000423: [Administration] Error when you drop forum (administrator) – resolved.
0000419: [Administration] Add an option to clear a forum content. (administrator) – resolved.
0000420: [Apis] Improve forum_drop api procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000421: [Apis] When dropping a forum, user counts are not refreshed (administrator) – resolved.