Archives mensuelles : août 2009

Forum 0.7.0 has been released!!


Here is the new forum version. On this version i have fix some performance issues, but the main change is the new forum_context package. I will let you know later what is going on with this new package (you can read the package documentation here

Here is the content of the updates of this new version

0000524: [Administration] Activate the option rank color (administrator) – resolved.
0000548: [Upgrade script] fetch too many rows (administrator) – resolved.
0000546: [Apis] Deleting a thread does not remove the attached files (administrator) – resolved.
0000545: [Email] Unwanted emails are sent (administrator) – resolved.
0000544: [Email] Missing %TITLE% tag in email title (administrator) – resolved.
0000543: [Email] Can not define smtp user (administrator) – resolved.
0000542: [Install script] Add view support to installation script (administrator) – resolved.
0000534: [Linker] Create forum_context package (administrator) – resolved.
0000541: [Linker] Migrate login form to forum_context (administrator) – resolved.
0000540: [General] The fast lab link is not displayed when not connected (administrator) – resolved.
0000539: [General] The login page can still be accessed after log on (administrator) – resolved.
0000535: [Linker] Remove check on user id for public (administrator) – resolved.
0000536: [Linker] There is still some test on packages based on user id 2 (administrator) – resolved.
0000538: [General] Procedure how_are_here use userid 2 (administrator) – resolved.
0000537: [General] Procedure who_are_here use userid 2 (administrator) – resolved.
0000533: [General] Lite version does not work from a thread page (administrator) – resolved.
0000531: [User] Speed up user profile page (administrator) – resolved.
0000532: [General] Remove the forum_functions.get_user_mail functions (administrator) – resolved.
0000530: [Install script] Remove WWSEC_OID synonym (administrator) – resolved.
0000527: [Install script] Remove WWDOC_API synonym (administrator) – resolved.
0000529: [User] Remove the possibility to update the ldap through the forum (administrator) – resolved.
0000528: [User] Remove duplicate function to get user mail (administrator) – resolved.
0000525: [Administration] Problem when updating a rank (administrator) – resolved.
0000523: [Administration] Add a cancel button on the manage privileges page (administrator) – resolved.
0000519: [General] Forum isnt displayed to a user when display Is visible by default is selected (administrator) – resolved.
0000520: [Administration] Add a new menu section for email (administrator) – resolved.
0000521: [Administration] Email tester (administrator) – resolved.
0000522: [Administration] Do not display email pages (administrator) – resolved.
0000518: [Administration] Modifying groups resets permissions (administrator) – resolved.


Hello everyone, here is the new theme of This theme was design by one of my friend Freezbenn. I have rebuild some part to put them in a fresh install of the wiki. I will also use this new blog to manage some articles and news. I hope you will like this new theme.