Backup Exadata databases on Netbackup with Infiniband

Recently i had to check the backup configuration of my Exadata. We relealized that the configuration could be changed to obtain better performance with Netbackup because were not using the Infiniband network.

The configuration is composed of 3 servers (those ip are completly wrong and are just here to help you to understand how it works) :

  • 1 Exadata with the following ip addresses
    Public : (for name exadb01)
    Priv : (for name exadb01-priv)
  • 1 Netbackup Media Server with the following ip addresses
    Public : (for name media)
    Priv : (for name media-priv)
  • 1 Netbackup Master Server
    Public : (for name master)

The hole configuration is just to fake the ip of the Exadata server to the master server

The first thing to do is to force the Exadata and the Media server to communicate over the Infiny Band Network. To do that you just need to change both Exadata/Media server host name

On the Exadata you should add (so the Exadata will communicate on the Infiniband network to the media server) media.domain media

On the Media Server you should add (to allow it to communicate with the Exadata on its Infiniband network card) exadb01-priv.domain exadb01-priv

To finish the configuration you need to fake the master server to make it think it is communicating with Exadata on the private interface, so you need to add this in the host file of the master server exadb01-priv.domain exadb01-priv

Now the configuration is complete from the network point of view. To finish it from the Netbackup configuration you will have to use the exadb01-priv name for the client name

At the end of this change i have been able to backup at 49 Mb/s/channel with 8 channels giving 1,3Tb/h for 8 channels. The backup was start from the node 1 with direct db connection.

My limitation is coming from the storage use for the VTL

Hopes this will help you