Forum 0.7.1 has been released!!


Here is the new version of the forum application.

The new things on this version are :

  • Hot topics system
  • New lite version
  • New wrapped version (this version has been wrapped for 10g, if you have any problem please let me know here so the forum is using less space in memory

– 0000627[Administration] Error when viewing Messages to Approve (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000625[General] Error when making a new post that has much text (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000630[General] Javascript error document.oldtxt.v_old_txt.value does not exist (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000621[Administration] error in Manage Moderators (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000622[Administration] Wrong permissions displayed on forum moderators page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000618[Administration] How can I search to list all users (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000617[Install script] When I tried create a New file extension fail. (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000616[General] Add a forum subscription managment page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000615[Private Message] Can not drop, add contact in msg display (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000612[General] [Error in forum_functions.can_read : -1422 ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows] (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000608[Administration] « [Error in forum_admin.status_update : 100 ORA-01403: no data found] » (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000609[Administration] When I delete a status, it shows error: « 404 Not Found Unable to process request. Please check the log file for more details. » (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000605[Email] Email are not sent when login is defined (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000601[General] Review moderation page code (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000600[General] Remove the forum_package.go_last function (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000602[General] use date formats in forum_constant (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000598[User] Add a profile view counter (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000599[User] Add last action date on user profiles (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000595[General] Review top ten user page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000596[General] Improve performance of top ten pages (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000592[Search] Add a search in files only option (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000593[Search] Error when searching in title only (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000591[Search] B.FILE_ID invalid identifier when searching in title only (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000590[General] Title does not update when you go on a forum (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000588[General] Title does not update when you go on a category (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000589[Lite Version] Security issue on lite version categories page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000587[General] Remove categorie test in categorie pages (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000526[Administration] Complete rebuild of the rank part (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000586[Administration] Add a clear user top record option in administration (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000585[Administration] Add an option to resynchronise all forum at once (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000573[Lite Version] Rebuild the lite version (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000583[Lite Version] Page title is not updated (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000575[Lite Version] Review low version forum page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000576[Lite Version] Add number of topic and number of replies on forum page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000574[Lite Version] Review low speed forum statment (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000578[Lite Version] Review low version topics page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000580[Lite Version] Review low version posts page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000577[Lite Version] Review low version categories page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000584[Lite Version] Add a back to top button (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000581[Lite Version] Add answer and new post button on posts page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000579[Lite Version] Add last post date on topic page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000582[Lite Version] Add new post button on topics page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000571[General] Remove multiple call to can_mododo on parent page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000569[General] Remove multiple check for avatar display (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000570[General] Remove statment for user details on topic page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000568[General] Remove counting replies statment (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000567[General] Empty description area removed (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000562[General] Add Hot feature (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000565[General] Change the function to get topic status (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000566[General] Need to update legende area (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000564[General] Remove is_readyonly test for the forum page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000563[General] Change the statment for the forum read status (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000557[Apis] Add api to resync search indexes (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000556[Administration] Add forum name in the forum update page (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000555[General] Remove one statment of the birthday part (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000554[General] Getting last created user can be slow (administrator) – resolved.
– 0000553[General] Moving overall links (administrator) – resolved.