Forum 0.7.0 has been released!!


Here is the new forum version. On this version i have fix some performance issues, but the main change is the new forum_context package. I will let you know later what is going on with this new package (you can read the package documentation here

Here is the content of the updates of this new version

0000524: [Administration] Activate the option rank color (administrator) – resolved.
0000548: [Upgrade script] fetch too many rows (administrator) – resolved.
0000546: [Apis] Deleting a thread does not remove the attached files (administrator) – resolved.
0000545: [Email] Unwanted emails are sent (administrator) – resolved.
0000544: [Email] Missing %TITLE% tag in email title (administrator) – resolved.
0000543: [Email] Can not define smtp user (administrator) – resolved.
0000542: [Install script] Add view support to installation script (administrator) – resolved.
0000534: [Linker] Create forum_context package (administrator) – resolved.
0000541: [Linker] Migrate login form to forum_context (administrator) – resolved.
0000540: [General] The fast lab link is not displayed when not connected (administrator) – resolved.
0000539: [General] The login page can still be accessed after log on (administrator) – resolved.
0000535: [Linker] Remove check on user id for public (administrator) – resolved.
0000536: [Linker] There is still some test on packages based on user id 2 (administrator) – resolved.
0000538: [General] Procedure how_are_here use userid 2 (administrator) – resolved.
0000537: [General] Procedure who_are_here use userid 2 (administrator) – resolved.
0000533: [General] Lite version does not work from a thread page (administrator) – resolved.
0000531: [User] Speed up user profile page (administrator) – resolved.
0000532: [General] Remove the forum_functions.get_user_mail functions (administrator) – resolved.
0000530: [Install script] Remove WWSEC_OID synonym (administrator) – resolved.
0000527: [Install script] Remove WWDOC_API synonym (administrator) – resolved.
0000529: [User] Remove the possibility to update the ldap through the forum (administrator) – resolved.
0000528: [User] Remove duplicate function to get user mail (administrator) – resolved.
0000525: [Administration] Problem when updating a rank (administrator) – resolved.
0000523: [Administration] Add a cancel button on the manage privileges page (administrator) – resolved.
0000519: [General] Forum isnt displayed to a user when display Is visible by default is selected (administrator) – resolved.
0000520: [Administration] Add a new menu section for email (administrator) – resolved.
0000521: [Administration] Email tester (administrator) – resolved.
0000522: [Administration] Do not display email pages (administrator) – resolved.
0000518: [Administration] Modifying groups resets permissions (administrator) – resolved.


Hello everyone, here is the new theme of This theme was design by one of my friend Freezbenn. I have rebuild some part to put them in a fresh install of the wiki. I will also use this new blog to manage some articles and news. I hope you will like this new theme.

Forum 0.6.9 has been released!!

Here is the last version of the forum application :

0000499: [General] Error in forum_display.create_user_profil : -1400 ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (« FORUM_APP ». »T_FORUM_PROFILS ». »USER_ID ») (administrator) – resolved.
0000509: [General] [Error in forum_functions.can_read : -1422 ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows] (administrator) – resolved.
0000511: [General] [Error in forum_display.build_header : -1427 ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row] (administrator) – resolved.
0000515: [Email] more tags for subscription/tracking emails (administrator) – resolved.
0000517: [Email] Moderator receive 2 email if BOTH method is selected (administrator) – resolved.
0000507: [General] user authentication errro (administrator) – resolved.
0000516: [Email] Can’t modifiy the pm email title (administrator) – resolved.
0000514: [Email] two emails get sent for one reply if tracking and subscribed (administrator) – resolved.
0000512: [Administration] Please warn before clearing forum content (administrator) – resolved.
0000510: [Administration] « Is visible by default » setting does not appear to work (administrator) – resolved.
0000508: [User] Error in is_forum_admin (administrator) – resolved.

Forum 0.6.8 has been released

Here is the last version of the forum application :

0000494: [Administration] Forum ADD/EDIT page is not w3c compliant (administrator) – resolved.
0000493: [General] Review display_forum_list from forum_profil package (administrator) – resolved.
0000492: [General] RSS can show item that have not been approved (administrator) – resolved.
0000491: [General] Review the display_unread procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000490: [General] Review the display_item_to_approve procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000488: [General] Admin should be able to set thread status (administrator) – resolved.
0000489: [General] Review build_spec_status to remove duplicate security check (administrator) – resolved.
0000487: [General] Remove v_forum_id parameter from build_footer procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000486: [Apis] An admin can not approve an item (administrator) – resolved.
0000485: [General] Change security check on build_post_img (administrator) – resolved.
0000483: [General] Change security check on build_post_img (administrator) – resolved.
0000484: [Apis] Admin can not drop an item (administrator) – resolved.
0000482: [General] Change security check on build_post_img (administrator) – resolved.
0000481: [User] Remove the is_forum_moderator function (administrator) – resolved.
0000480: [General] Update the build_language procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000479: [General] Change the add_default_visible_forum procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000478: [General] Change the forum_display.get_last_action code (administrator) – resolved.
0000477: [General] Remove duplicate security check (administrator) – resolved.
0000476: [Lite Version] Remove duplicate security check (administrator) – resolved.
0000475: [Xml] Remove duplicate security check (administrator) – resolved.
0000474: [General] Can_read function return true even if the forum is inactive (administrator) – resolved.
0000473: [General] Replace can_do functions by can_modo_do function (administrator) – resolved.
0000465: [General] Review forum_functions code (administrator) – resolved.
0000472: [General] Welcome back message is not working (administrator) – resolved.
0000471: [General] Update the get_number_of_displayed_items code (administrator) – resolved.
0000470: [General] Review can_upload function (administrator) – resolved.
0000469: [General] Review can_reply function (administrator) – resolved.
0000468: [General] Review can_poll function (administrator) – resolved.
0000467: [General] Review can_start function (administrator) – resolved.
0000466: [General] Review can_read function (administrator) – resolved.
0000447: [General] forum_package code review (administrator) – resolved.
0000457: [Apis] Add forum_api.start_follow_item to replace the forum_package.store_reminder procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000460: [Apis] Add 2 new procedures to manage the follow forum features (administrator) – resolved.
0000459: [General] Rename t_forum_subscriptions to to t_follow_forums (administrator) – resolved.
0000458: [Apis] Add forum_api.stop_follow_item to replace the forum_package.stop_reminder procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000455: [General] Remove the r_read column from the t_reminders table (administrator) – resolved.
0000456: [General] Rename t_reminders to t_follow_items (administrator) – resolved.
0000454: [General] Remove unused function is_new_topic from forum_package (administrator) – resolved.
0000452: [Apis] Add unpin_item to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000451: [Apis] Add pin_item to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000448: [General] Add item_close to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000449: [General] Add item_open to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000463: [Apis] Add vote_update to replace the forum_package.update_poll (administrator) – resolved.
0000464: [Apis] Add forum_api.item_status to replace the forum_package.set_status procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000461: [Apis] Add vote_drop to replace the forum_package.drop_poll (administrator) – resolved.
0000453: [General] Change the forum unread page (administrator) – resolved.
0000450: [General] Security issue on the item_open procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000446: [General] Review how_are_here function (administrator) – resolved.
0000445: [General] Remove some forum_package functions (administrator) – resolved.
0000443: [General] Public user can vote if the forum is public (administrator) – resolved.
0000444: [General] Error on vote with public user (administrator) – resolved.
0000442: [Apis] Add item_move to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000441: [Apis] Remove unused column forum_id from T_FORUM_VOTES_QUEST (administrator) – resolved.
0000439: [Apis] Migrate forum_package.validate_item to forum_api.item_update (administrator) – resolved.
0000438: [General] Remove unused hidden input from the edit page (administrator) – resolved.
0000440: [Apis] Code review of the add vote procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000433: [Apis] Move the drop item to forum_api (administrator) – resolved.
0000435: [Apis] There is 2 index resync when dropping an item (administrator) – resolved.
0000436: [General] Title is update when moving a post (administrator) – resolved.
0000437: [General] Remove the move option from the edit page (administrator) – resolved.
0000424: [Apis] Add the item_add procedure to the apis package (administrator) – resolved.
0000429: [Apis] A vote can be added even if on a reply (administrator) – resolved.
0000428: [Apis] A thread can be closed even if the poster is not the thread owner (administrator) – resolved.
0000427: [Apis] Security issue on item_add (administrator) – resolved.
0000426: [Apis] Reminder part tuning in ITEM_ADD procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000425: [Apis] Remove the status part in item_add (administrator) – resolved.
0000432: [General] Can not close a post as soon as i have post it (administrator) – resolved.
0000431: [Administration] Improve performance for define permissions (administrator) – resolved.
0000430: [General] There is 2 input type v_forum on the add post page (administrator) – resolved.
0000422: [Administration] Improve performance in bulk_action_forum procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000423: [Administration] Error when you drop forum (administrator) – resolved.
0000419: [Administration] Add an option to clear a forum content. (administrator) – resolved.
0000420: [Apis] Improve forum_drop api procedure (administrator) – resolved.
0000421: [Apis] When dropping a forum, user counts are not refreshed (administrator) – resolved.