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0000627ForumAdministrationpublic2009-11-13 16:12
Assigned Toadministrator 
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Product Version0.7.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.7.1 
Summary0000627: Error when viewing Messages to Approve
When I go to Moderation page. I have a msg to approve. When I approve, it works well, but when I click to view this msg, it appears error :
"[Error in forum_display.display_post : -6502 ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error]"

What is the problem here?
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administrator (administrator)


I can not reproduce the issue on my forum

do you have a test case to reproduce the issue?
hungtv (reporter)

I think that you just do "msg to approve" as the same as "msg that has been approved". It is ok to view "msg that has been approved".
The link of them seems to be different:
link msg to approve: /viewpost_32_1.html#0
link msg approved: /viewpost_79_1.

Could you see that?
administrator (administrator)

The 2 links are the same the #0 is just to display the page in a specific position

The problem is that i can not reproduce it, i have try other things but unsuccessful.

Are you able to reproduce the issue? if yes can you give me a test case?
hungtv (reporter)

I don't understand much about this. J just make a test case and see that:
When I make a new post. This post has not been approved. I see the 2 link of this post are different:
(see figures)
administrator (administrator)

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but the difference between # 121 and # 0 is just that the browser will not go to the tag 0 since it does not exist.

The error is not coming from here.
CAn you describe me your test case so i can try to reproduce it on my forum

hungtv (reporter)

Oh, I just realize that when I log on as hungtv who is moderator of this forum, I can see "msg to approve". but when I log on as portal who is not moderator of this forum, I can not see "msg to approve", it show error like above.
So, I think this error is due to the user log on.
and now I think you can fix it.
administrator (administrator)

So to resumate

You create a post with a normal user, then his message is waiting for approval
If you connect as a moderator then you can see the message to approve link and you do not get any error if you try to use the direct link
But if you try to use the direct link with orcladmin that is not moderator you are getting the error?
hungtv (reporter)

yes, even when I log on as a member of c_admin_group (PORTAL), I got error above when click the message to approve link. But when I log on as morderator of the forum, I did not got the error when click message to approve link.
So, how can you fix that?
administrator (administrator)

i have been able to reproduce the issue. If you do not use direct link to a post that needs to be approve the issue is not present.
administrator (administrator)

found where the problem is
administrator (administrator)


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